Residential Property Management Seattle


We are a residential property management company that not only provides reliable services to help landlords and investors maximize returns on their investment properties, but we also help renters find available units.

As a full-service property management firm, we offer everything from start to finish, with a focus on reducing vacancy times and cycles. While our services may vary from one client to another, these are common services that we offer to owners:

  • Property evaluation
  • Defining an accurate rental rate
  • Marketing and advertising
  • High-level tenant screening and selection
  • Tenant move-in and move-out
  • Collection of rent; follow-up on late payments; enforcement of late fees
  • Periodic inspections – interior and exterior; reports of property condition forwarded to owner
  • Financial services
  • Careful selection, vetting, and supervision of vendors and contractors for facilities maintenance

While this is not an all-inclusive or comprehensive list of our services, it is intended to provide the basis of the scope of our activities. Call Associates West Real Estate Seattle to learn how our property management services can benefit you!

House Rental Management Company Seattle


Why should you hire us as a house rental management company to manage your rental properties? If you do not have the time or expertise to manage the daily activities of your real estate investments, call us!

With our finger constantly on the pulse of the market, we know the market, what comparables are renting for, and how much potential clients are willing to pay.This is how we can help so that you can spend your time expanding your portfolio:

  • Minimize your vacancies and maximize your income with a strong marketing plan
  • Fill your house vacancies with high-quality tenants
  • Oversee maintenance and repairs of your property
  • Maintain accurate income and expense records to determine profitability
  • Negotiate agreements
  • Collect rent/track deposits
  • Deal with tenant requests and issues

We have the capabilities of providing property management services while maintaining the financial benefits of your investment. Call us today!

Seattle Property Management


We know we have achieved our property management objectives when hearing from seasoned real estate investors that we are worth our weight in gold!

These are a few key examples of how we manage to achieve our objectives, and more importantly, maintain that level of achievement:

  • A top-notch screening process resulting in reliable, high-quality tenants
  • Knowledge of the current landlord-tenant laws to avoid legal problems or lawsuits
  • Short vacancy cycles
  • A valuable time-tested tenant retention policy
  • Consistent and positive cash flow with a non-negotiable rent collection process
  • Timely maintenance and repairs for satisfied tenants and preservation of investment value
  • Preventative maintenance plan

We also focus on personal benefits for owners by reducing their stress, providing freedom to live wherever they desire without the constraints of living nearby, and time. Time for investors can be spent much more profitably by building their portfolios rather than servicing their properties.

Call Associates West Real Estate Seattle to learn more about our services that are engineered to amaze! 206-938-5633